About Us

Chorzz was founded in Houston, Texas by husband and wife team, Chris and Kim. It is difficult completing daily chores while maintaining a household; Chorzz gives homeowners a list of Home Professionals, right in your neighborhood who can get the job done all at the touch of a fingertip.

At Chorzz we connect homeowners directly to home professionals. This allows homeowners to get last minute repairs and home improvements done at an affordable rate. Chorzz gives you access to a full list of Electricians, Handymen, Roofers, Plumbers and more. These Home Professionals are qualified and have been verified for your safety.

For those Home Professionals considering joining the Chorzz team, Chorzz gives your company more exposure so you can expand your business and grow your clientele. It is a booking site where local homeowners are continuously searching for Home Professionals to complete various jobs, big and small. Design your shop, display your work, post your hours of availability, attract more homeowners and grow your business today.

Chorzz… Delivering Home Professionals to Your Door.

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