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Hire A Professional Electrician

Hiring a Chorzz Approved Electrical Contractor

Whether you’re tackling a full remodeling project or having a few light fixtures and outlets that need repairing, it can be difficult to know where to turn next. Don’t let a dangerous electrical issue stop you from enjoying a safe, fully restored home. Here are a few essential steps to find and hire an electrician in your area.

Why Hire an Expert Electrician?

There are a few reasons that electrical work is best left to the professionals. Whether you’re experienced working with electrical DIY projects or have never handled electrical wiring before, hiring a professional electrician can help you in the long run.

First, professionals are far more efficient at their work. From changing a single fixture to a complete electrical system upgrade, you’ll spend far more time attempting to complete the project on your own. Because your time is valuable, you may actually save money by hiring an electrician.

Professional electricians are licensed and capable of pulling permits for your home. Nearly every project that deals with your home’s electrical system requires a permit. Depending on local laws, this process can be difficult, confusing, and costly. If you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll need to pay extra for an inspector to come out for another inspection. Instead, a professional electrician handles all that paperwork and simply includes it in the cost.

Most professionals offer a single, upfront price estimate. This helps you budget for your electrical home improvement project. Homeowners typically spend far more time and money than they originally estimated on projects.

Finally, when you choose an efficient service, like the Chorzz App, you’ll easily compare qualified electricians. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth referrals, but compare electricians based on homeowner reviews and cost estimates in order to receive a fast, affordable, and qualified professional.

Types of Electricians

Before you begin your search to find and hire an electrician contractor, it’s essential to determine the type of electrician you need. Here are just a few key types of electricians that you may need to choose to receive specialized assistance on your project:

  • Residential electrician

  • Commercial electrician

  • Industrial electrician

  • Outside lineman

  • Journeyman electrician

  • Master electrician

  • Electrical inspector

Like specializations in other fields, there’s a lot of overlap between these job titles, but finding a professional trained specifically in your area of need can save you time and money and help you receive the highest quality services.

Choose an electrician who can pull the proper permits, design the appropriate solution, and carry out the work safely and efficiently to reduce frustration and keep your costs low.


As you begin searching for a professional electrician for your next home project, you probably have hundreds of questions. Here are some FAQs that can help you save time as you contact a professional near you.

What Sort of Projects can an Electrician Help With?

A licensed and qualified electrician can safely complete any project that deals with electrical wiring in your home. The most common issues include replacing fixtures and repairing outlets. However, electricians can also upgrade your service, replace outdated wiring, add new light fixtures and outlets, and upgrade your current switches to modern alternatives.

Do I Really Need to Hire an Expert Electrician?

Depending on local laws, many homeowners are allowed to perform electrical work on their own property. As long as you have a permit and approval from your local city and county offices, you don’t technically need an expert electrician. However, electrical issues can be dangerous to your health. Working on these projects without a thorough knowledge of electricity and how your circuits are wired can result in fatal accidents. Keep yourself and your family safe by hiring an expert.

Will I Need Tools or Will the Electrician Have Them?

A skilled electrician should bring all the tools, equipment, and parts necessary to perform any electrical project in your home. An electrician who doesn’t come prepared with the right tools may not be as qualified as they claim. Be sure to choose a contractor that is vetted by Chorzz in order to avoid hiring an electrician who may not be completely prepared for the job.

Are You Supposed to Tip an Electrician?

Since qualified electricians are experienced with budgeting projects and including accurate compensation in their bill, you shouldn’t be required or expected to tip an electrician. A better way to show appreciation is through word-of-mouth promotions and offering positive reviews for their services.

Hire an Expert Electrician Today

Ready to look for qualified, vetted electricians near me? Learn more about the Chorzz App today and easily connect with all the licensed, qualified electricians and other home improvement contractors near you. From minor repairs to major building projects, enjoy the convenience and safety that comes with hiring a professional. Once you find a qualified contractor near you, you can take on easier home improvement projects and put your time and DIY skills to better use.