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Hire A Professional Garage Door Installer

Hiring a Chorzz approved Garage Door Contractor

The garage is an important part of your home. If your property has an attached garage, it provides another way to enter your home. Even with a detached garage, the building likely houses important equipment and other property that is valuable to you. For this reason, it is important that you hire the right service when searching for “garage door installation near me” online.

Why Hire an Expert Garage Door Installer?

Many homeowners are keen on handling the repairs around their house themselves, but there is occasionally a job that is simply too dangerous to do unless you are a qualified professional. Such is the case with garage door installation.

One of the most dangerous components of the garage door system to mess with is the torsion spring, which carries much of the weight and stress of lifting the door, and hence a lot of tension. Unless it is handled properly, it could cause significant injury to the person doing the installation or even damage the door or other parts.

In addition to having the proper experience and knowledge to handle components such as torsion springs, a professional garage door installer is likely to have insurance and even provide a warranty or guarantee on their work. This is important in case the door requires additional maintenance or repairs once the initial work is complete.


It is a good idea to get as much information as possible before you hire a garage door installer. Check out online reviews and request references if needed. You can also look up a business’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, even with a lot of research, you may still have a few questions about garage door professionals and what to expect. Here are a few frequently asked questions.

What Types of Garage Doors Require Expert Installation or Repair?

While there are certain parts of a garage door that you may be able to maintain and, in some cases, repair yourself, the overall installation and repair of key components such as torsion or extension springs should be handled by a qualified professional. This is true of both manual garage doors and those with an automatic or smart opening system. If you notice malfunctions or excessive squeaking that can’t be resolved with lubricant, call on a professional to inspect the door.

Do I Really Need To Hire an Expert Installer?

You’ll benefit most by hiring an expert installer for a complete installation or to diagnose a problem with your existing door. Small fixes such as lubricating certain components shouldn’t require the presence of a professional. However, if your repair involves removing the torsion spring, extension springs, or any other critical components that carry the risk of injury or damage while installing or repairing, it is a good idea to hire the help of an expert.

Will I Need Special Tools or Will a Pro Have Them?

Most garage door installations and repairs require common tools, such as a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, level, socket wrench, and locking pliers. In some cases, an impact driver may also be useful. If you have these tools on-hand, you can handle minor repairs and maintenance yourself. If an impact driver is needed, a professional may already have one on hand. In most cases, when you hire a pro to do the job for you, the company will already have the tools needed to do the job right.

How Long Does a Garage Door Installation Take?

When you search for “garage door repair near me,” make sure to research how long it takes your installer of choice to do their job. While the type of repair or installation is likely to affect the length of the job, most repairs and installs can be done within a few hours, and certainly within a day. How long the project takes from the moment you hire a contractor depends.

For example, if you are building a garage and it is not ready yet for installation, you may need to wait for construction to advance before the installer can do their job. Likewise, if you are ordering a custom garage door, you may need to wait a certain amount of time before the door is ready. Then, you also need to consider the installer’s availability – you may need to wait a week or two before they can even make it out to your property. When the job starts, though, it should hopefully only take a few hours to complete.

Find a Garage Installation Expert Today

There are many improvements and repairs you can make around your home on your own, but garage installation should not be one of them. This job is better left to professionals with experience and know-how to get your garage door working properly again.

Chorzz connects you with licensed installers in your area, making your search for “garage door installers near me” a cinch. Gain peace of mind once more by scheduling to have your garage door installed or repaired today.