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Becoming a homeowner comes with many perks, but it also means you are solely responsible for any repairs, maintenance, replacement, and installation of everything in your house. While some small projects can be resolved with a simple DIY fix, there are other jobs that may require a little more time and perhaps even that expert touch. In cases that deal more heavily with plumbing and electrical work especially, you may search online for “handyman contractors near me.”

Why Hire an Expert Handyman Contractor?

There are lots of little projects around your house that may be simple enough to handle on your own. Painting the trim or replacing a faucet can reasonably be done without calling on a professional. When you start to mess with electrical wiring and more internal plumbing, however, you may benefit from calling on a licensed handyman. This is because it is all too easy to injure yourself if you mishandle a wire, or you could potentially damage your home if you run into a problem with the plumbing. Expert handyman contractors are likely to have completed apprenticeships and other training that have provided them with experience and knowledge on how to complete many complicated household repairs, renovations, and remodels. They are also likely to be insured or bonded, which is important for protecting their business and your property. Using a licensed, bonded, and insured handyman will help ensure the job gets done right and that you are properly covered if anything happens to go wrong.


The term “handyman” can encompass a lot of different tasks, so you may have a lot of questions if you plan on finding a “handyman near me.” If you have specific questions about the project you are hiring the handyman for, it is important to ask them before signing any contracts or starting on the work. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding finding the contractor for the work.

What Types of Projects Does a Handyman Contractor Do?

A handyman may be a jack-of-all-trades or an expert in specific types of work. Usually, a handyman contractor can handle a variety of jobs ranging from electrical work to plumbing, flooring, and beyond. You may wish to hire a handyman if you have the following needs around your home: • Appliance repair or installation • Wiring work • Plumbing project • Routine maintenance such as with an AC unit • Other common household repairs Basically, any general work or repairs that need doing around your house can typically be completed with the help of a handyman. If you are doing a complete remodel or reworking a specific area of your home, such as the flooring or roofing, then you may want to go with an expert contractor in that niche.

Do I Really Need To Hire an Expert Handyman?

You may be able to handle many of the jobs that a handyman can do, so why hire an expert? It depends on how valuable your time is and how pressing the need is to get the job done. You don’t always have time to devote to learning how to take apart a faucet or install organizational shelving in your closet. Perhaps your gutters need cleaning, or you need a dishwasher repaired or replaced. An expert handyman can save you time and stress by doing these jobs for you quickly. If you hire a licensed and insured handyman, you also have that added protection if a pipe bursts or some other unexpected event occurs as the work is being done. Not to mention, your handyman is likely to have some sort of guarantee on the work done, which means if a problem shows up later, the company is more likely to come and address it as part of the job. You don’t always need an expert handyman to do every repair or installation around the house. However, hiring an expert may be worth it if it will save you time and get the job done right and faster.

Will I Need Special Tools or Will a Pro Have Them?

Most handyman jobs are general ones that require common tools such as hammers and screwdrivers. There may be a few specialty tools, particularly if your handyman is a licensed electrician. If you hire contractors for a job requiring specialty tools, the chances are high that they already have the tools in their possession. You should be able to ask if your contractor already has the necessary tools for the job or if that will be added to the final hiring cost.

Hire a Handyman Professional in Your Area

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