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Masonry & Concrete

It may come as a surprise to realize that concrete is used in so many different applications around you. The place you live probably has concrete in its foundation and even in its exterior. You can find concrete in commercial and industrial applications as well as residential. There is a lot of special techniques and know-hows to get concrete exactly the way you want it, which is why it is a good idea to search for “professional concrete contractors near me” when you have a concrete project on your to-do list.

Why Hire an Expert Concrete Contractor?

Did you know that cement and concrete are not the same things? If that news surprises you, then it is probably a good idea to leave your concrete project to an expert contractor. Cement is actually an ingredient used in concrete with other basic materials that form a glue when water is added, and that hardens when it dries. It is during its malleable glue state that the concrete can be shaped to suit whatever project you have in mind. Unless you have experience molding concrete into the desired consistency, texture, and strength for your project, you should consider hiring a professional. Expert concrete contractors offer the following benefits: • Experience: Most concrete contractors will have plenty of experience mixing and laying concrete for walls, floors, and other applications. It is a good idea to go with a contractor with lots of experience. • Materials: The cost of materials is often included with the service of a contractor, and you do not have to stress about finding the right ingredients for your concrete. This saves you a lot of time and money. • Design Advice: Experienced contractors can also offer advice on how to proceed with your concrete project. You can even get concrete in a variety of colors other than gray to really liven up a space or match a specific aesthetic. • License or Insurance: Not every concrete contractor requires a license, but some will have them if they are a licensed contractor for other work as well. Many concrete companies have some sort of guarantee or insurance to back up their work. If licensure, insurance, or guarantees are important to you, be sure to ask about them.


Finding the right concrete professional for your project may take some research, but that extra step should help you hire the right company for your needs. It is a good idea to ask your contractors of choice a few questions to make sure they are a good fit. Consider these frequently asked questions during your search.

What Types of Projects Does a Concrete Contractor Do?

One of the great things about concrete contractors is that they can basically do anything you can imagine with concrete. It can be used in a garden, in a house, in a garage, or anywhere else you need a solid foundation or beautiful accent. There are several common jobs that concrete contractors are hired to do: • Brick installationRetaining wallsMailboxesChimneysWalkwaysDrivewaysPatiosFloors

Do I Really Need To Hire an Expert Concrete Contractor?

In most cases, yes, you need the help of an expert concrete contractor if you want the job done right. It is possible to handle some concrete jobs yourself, but consider this; there is a lot of planning, staking, measuring, and leveling that goes into laying the most basic concrete project. It takes a lot of time, materials, and must be finished within a certain timeframe once the mix is made. If you have little to no experience and any doubts about doing the job right, then you are better off with a professional. If you plan on laying stylized concrete, such as stamped concrete, then it is a good idea to hire a professional, particularly if you are going with a custom project. Bricklaying and masonry work are also likely to go faster with the help of an expert. While there are some DIY projects involving concrete that homeowners can handle on their own, big projects are best left to the pros.

Will I Need Special Tools or Will a Pro Have Them?

If you hire a professional for a concrete project, you should not have to worry about investing in any specialty tools. Contractors typically have what they need to mix and lay the concrete properly. In addition, their estimate for your project should have included the cost of materials and tools. You are likely to see concrete contractors use mixers and wheelbarrows, as well as special scraping, texturing, and smoothing tools as they work.

Start on Your Concrete Project Today

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